Reception in Shark Ray Bay Theater Reception in Shark Ray Bay Theater
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Choose an exclusive venue where sharks, penguins and thousands of amazing creatures are your special guests, and your private event will be talked about for years to come. You can rent the entire Aquarium after normal operating hours. With generous social distancing allowances, it can accommodate groups from 15 to 788 guests. Your event décor will include the most exotic aquatic life in the world while your atmosphere will inspire wonder and awe.

The Shark Ray Bay Theater provides a venue for groups to dine and take in the breathtaking view of the shark tank filled with some of the most majestic, rare and colorful fish in the sea. Food and bar stations are available throughout the Aquarium.

Special exhibits will let you pet sharks, experience the tranquility of jellyfish and give your guests an evening they’ll never forget. You can even add special activities like Dive Shows and Penguin Encounters.

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