Image of the Gator Alley exhibit at Newport Aquarium Image of the Gator Alley exhibit at Newport Aquarium

Gator Alley

Gator Alley transports you to the marshy wetland of a southern bayou as it showcases a variety of reptiles including newts, snakes, lizards, turtles and geckos. Plus, learn all about American alligators when you meet the stars of two featured exhibits: Legend of the White Gators and Bayou Babies.

Things to Know

Rare Albino Alligators

Get eye-to-eye with two of the rarest animals in the world – albino American alligators Snowball and Snowflake! There are many legends about the sacred nature of white gators among Native American and Eastern cultures. Cajuns tell how gazing into the eyes of a white alligator can bring good luck and prosperity!

Bayou Babies

Meet 2 dozen adorable baby American Alligators growing up at Newport Aquarium. See them sunning on the porch of the bayou shack or watch them through clear acrylic as they swim under you. Just 6 inches long when they arrived, see how much they’ve grown since moving to the Bayou!