Photograph of the Month

Photograph of the Month

Edward Folmer: I took this warthog in 2005 with my scope sighted contender in 45-70.

Welcome to the Handgun Hunter SA


Handgun Hunter SA is a group of enthusiastic handgun hunters which would cater specifically for the interests of the handgun hunter. Handgun Hunter SA has been promoting the interests of handgun hunters, and building the public image and awareness of this unique and specialised type of hunting, ever since.

Handgun Hunter SA has subsequently grown to a formidable voice amongst hunters and is represented on various national hunting bodies. Members are represented on the various relevant national forums related to hunting, conservation and firearm ownership in this way. Through this we ensures that handgun hunters contribute to the shaping of legislation and conservation guidelines which affect us and all hunters.

Handgun Hunter SA is also active as interest group within SA Hunters and Game Conservation Association. (SAHGCA)

Handgun Hunter SA meets several times annually for formal shoots where members and guests participate in the shooting of the various approved handgun hunting exercises. Members also get together frequently on an ad hoc basis for informal practice, to share expertise and experience, or to hunt together.

Non-members who may be interested in the sport, or who own handguns appropriate for handgun hunting, are welcome at our organised events where they will be exposed to the allure of taking the handgun afield in the pursuit of game!