big bore bullet perspective

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big bore bullet perspective

Postby Jamesfromjersey » Wed Jun 29, 2016 2:38 am


A photo showing the difference between a hunting handgun bullet and hunting rifle bullet of the same weight. On the left is a .416 solid as used in a .416 Rigby or Remington while center is a .475 SWC as used in a .475 Linebaugh revolver. Both bullets weigh 400 grains and both do a good job of penetration when loaded to their max velocity. On the right is a .30 caliber 220 grain solid for comparison. The point of this is that there are not enough rifle hunters who are aware of the true potential of today`s hunting handguns for big and dangerous game. When the correct hunting handgun bullet is placed in the vitals of any American or African animal the only outcome is find the animal laying dead within 100 yards or meters of where it was shot. There is no difference between rifle or handgun when choosing the correct bullet for the type animal being hunted and placing it in the right spot to take the animal down.....
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Re: big bore bullet perspective

Postby Danie » Thu Jul 14, 2016 7:24 am


No one could argue your statement.

A fellow shooting range user asked me some time ago what premium bullets would I suggest he could load for his 308 Win and 7X57 Mauser. In short I asked him if he ever saw any such loads in the major ammunition manufacture catalogs. I told him no, because at those caliber velocities you don't need premium bullets. The same rule apply on handgun bullets. At 1300 fps a decent hard cast bullet will do as good as any premium bullet.
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