2 Swift A-frames= 2 Boar

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2 Swift A-frames= 2 Boar

Postby Jamesfromjersey » Thu Jun 30, 2016 10:51 pm

Since Nosler has discontinued their line of Partition handgun bullets my search for a replacement has ended with the taking of two 250lb.+ boar using Swift Bullet Company`s

A-Frame in my handload. There among my reload components sat a box of Swift`s .44 caliber 280gr A-Frame hollow point bullets waiting to be used in a handload. I put together a hunting round for use in my in my Freedom Arms model 83 in .44mag which we all know can take pressure`s higher then other 44`s on the market.The A-frame was seated over a charge of H-110 which was set off by a CCI-350 mag primer. Also new for this hunt was the use of iron sights, or should I say fiber optic front/square notch rear iron sights. At the 50 range I am able keep 5 shots in a 3" group off the bench using this sight system which for my 60 year old eyes is absolutely fantastic. I have purchased other brands of fiber optic sights for my S&W and Ruger handguns but have found that Freedom Arms has what seems to be the smallest diameter making the 50 yard shots easier and faster then the other brands.

That past Saturday in north-central Pennsylvania was a mild day with bright sunny skies, perfect for hunting boar. Tioga Ranch, in the town of the same name, has always given me more "bang for the buck" then other hunting ranches that I've hunted over the years.....Returning to that Saturday morning found me along with my guide at the top of a ridge making our way down through a dark forested hill to the bottom that opened up to grass, streams and brush where the boar were last spotted. About 20yds before the tree line ended we spotted two of them also making their way to the area we were heading.To our favor was the fact that the boar were already in the bright sun while we were still in darker tree covered part of the ranch. I can say with confidence that the boar had no idea we were there because of a slight breeze in our face, the bright sun light making their bad eyesight even badder and the fact that they were walking straight to me....

Sitting on the ground with my back against a tree I opened a set of cross-sticks and rested my handgun. The lead boar stepped from the sunlight into the dark of the tree cover and instantly knew something was wrong for not 20 yards from him I sat looking at the pinpoint of light projected by the fiber optic and
near his left eye.WHAM...the 280gr A-Frame entered the head and angled into the brain for an instant take down. The kill at that distance could have been made by the 22mag I was also carrying and was not a good example of what the A-Frame is capable of but I fixed that by placing the front sight on the rib cage of boar number two who was trying to make a fast getaway. WHAM...the second A-Frame entered the rear of his left ribs, TOTALLY destroyed the heart and exited near the right shoulder. During his 20 yard run a gush of blood poured from the entrance wound which would cause my guide to comment that "Helen Keller could find the blood trail"....

On closer inspection of the massive blood trail left by the second boar I discovered a large chunk of lung blown out by the A-Frame. However, the best was yet to come because when the boar was field dressed, we were surprised by what was left of the heart after being blown apart by the Swift bullet. The A-Frame bullet`s performance was spectacular and if there is any doubt then as the saying goes "a picture is worth a thousand words"..
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Re: 2 Swift A-frames= 2 Boar

Postby Danie » Wed Jul 06, 2016 12:14 pm

I have nothing to say regarding the Swift bullets. They done a excellent job.
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