my first bobcat`s

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my first bobcat`s

Postby Jamesfromjersey » Sun Mar 05, 2017 5:50 am

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In all the years I have hunted in areas that held bobcat I never had the chance to take one. So this past January I arranged a hunt over bait in north-east Maine hear in the States. The outfitter put me in a box blind and at 1:30 in the afternoon the cat just appeared out of nowhere. He was 19 1/2 yards away. Shot a handload using a 210gr XTP over a heavy charge of AA#9 powder from my Freedom Arms model 83 in 41mag... The bullet is running over 1700fps...Very accurate...The next day had me in a elevated box blind with the floor being 20ft high and giving me a 360 degree view of a clear cut in those thick Maine pine trees...The bait was 59 1/2 yards away and at 2:30 in the afternoon I caught some movement at the bait to find the cat had come in unseen through a small cut in the cover. I set my scope at 5x and waited until he stopped pulling on the bait to expose his shoulder. I SLOWLY squeezed the trigger and when I looked through the scope after the recoil I could see the cats ear, and it was not moving......This was such an exciting hunt for me because these were the first bobcat`s I`ve taken and it was the first time I hunted the state of Maine. You must excuse the bottom picture because I could not help myself and placed a pre-WW2 S&W advertisement titled"Bye-bye, Bobcat" next to my photo and scanning....
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